Magento Modules

When choosing to install Magento to improve your firms processes, there are a range of modules or “add ons” that increase functionality of this system.

These extensions are produced specifically for every industry, whether your company trades in retail, manufacturing or hospitality, and extension can increase the smooth running of your Magento system and add benefits.

There is a range of Magento Modules on the market, some are free, several you purchase, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, Juno Web Design can create a module specifically for your requirements.

Some of the most downloaded modules on the market include Interprise Suite ERP, a free extension that allows businesses to see incoming orders, stock quantity, update prices and other details on their Magento Ecommerce sites.

Sweet Tooth Rewards is a powerful free extension, which allows companies to increase sales by providing new and existing customers with loyalty points. When customers earn points, they return to the store to spend the points. It’s incredibly flexible, you can target specific customers with emails and change the way in which points are earned.

The TNT Post Module automates the distribution and postage charges on your Magento Ecommerce site, no more wasting time of finding customer addresses, weighing and sorting products to be distributed, this calculates all incoming orders for distribution, from the site to the store.

There are hundreds more Free and Paid Magento Modules on the market, which will increase functionality of your Ecommerce site, through Magento. If however you need something specific, a way of tracking data or a definite option online, Juno Web Design can produce bespoke modules for your Magento store, we can install these and ensure they are running correctly, increasing your market place and customer base.

For Magento Modules speak to the UK’s number 1 Magento Specialist- Juno Web Design.

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